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Recent updates

2/3/2021 Recent updates include::
    Global & DayChange
  • Performance tuning to reduce lag and deadlock issues
  • People with healing prayers will automatically use them if injured
    Main page
  • Added a Discord chat server link
  • Injury level is now listed, and is sortable
    Character page
  • You will now see things you did today, as well as yesterday
  • All current wounds are now listed
  • You can now use prayer points to use non-combat prayers
  • Healing prayers have been added
    Battle page
  • Hover over the attack word in battle reports for detailed info
  • Attack direction is now a thing. Rear attacks are made at +5 to hit, and flank attacks at +2
  • Hit locations are now a thing, calculated and displayed based on attack direction
  • Initial hp will now correctly reflect pre-existing wounds when battles begin

1/22/2021 Recent updates include::
    Main page
  • Added faction power to the factions table
  • Time progresses at a fixed rate now, without player involvement
  • Removed some needless text and cleaned up the display a bit
  • Automatically assigns a crappy character to new players
    Character page
  • Unwanted items may be discarded
  • Set your blacksmithing project type
  • You can now start a battle immediately by choosing the proper setting
  • Two new skills have been added: mining and medicine. They don't do anything yet.
  • SP recovery rate is now shown as sp per day
    Battle page
  • Initiative (turn order) matters now. If you die before you act, your action is lost.
  • Actions have been simplified to just move and attack
  • People will now face toward their direction of travel, or an enemy they are fighting
  • Each attack, a person may now move 1 step in any direction

1/14/2021 Recent updates include::
    Main page
  • People of some races are now more, and others less, likely to have magical aptitude
  • People will now create a variety of better weapons using the blacksmith skill
  • The weapon class of a blacksmith project will largely depend on weapon skills
    Character page
  • Characters can be renamed
  • The survival skill just got a bit harder to learn, and skill levels have been reduced
  • Added faction name for reference
    Battle page
  • Crit hits: extra damage if the d20 attack roll is 18-20.
  • Replaced faction name with current action in the units table
  • unit team is now indicated by colored hex outlines
  • atk% is now called speed, for clarity.
    Faction page
  • The names of all the people in the faction are shown

1/8/2021 Recent updates include::
    Main page
  • No matter how small you are, there is now a minimum daily food consumption of 0.1 units
  • people will use their survival skill to make staff class weapons in their spare time
  • foraging activities will take up more of your day, resulting in more food found
  • fixed a bug where people with negative spell points were trying to cast spells
  • when entering battle, people will now equip their most valuable weapon
    Character page
  • all owned weapons now have combat values listed
  • you can now choose which weapon to equip (unless already in battle)
  • food (and similar items) may no longer be equipped as weapons
  • cleaned up the page a bit by removing unused controls
  • added blacksmith skill
    Battle page
  • weapons doing less than d1 will never do damage
  • units with weapons equipped will use them, instead of unarmed attacks
  • attack messages now include the name of the weapon used
  • on an attack roll of 1-3 (d20) you may suffer a critical fumble and break your weapon

12/1/2020 Recent updates include::
    Main page
  • 4 new prayers, create food [levels 0-4, creation domain], were added
  • 6 new prayers, grow plants [levels 0-5, plant domain], were added
  • new characters will now come with a god assigned, but in some cases you can change it
  • Food spoilage has been added. Some food types last longer than others
  • The amount of food eaten each day is now a function of your actual physical size
  • Magic spells for food creation have been changed to create storable food as well
  • The foraging mechanic has been changed to reflect uneven availability of food
  • crit failure while foraging will result in eating bad food and getting sick
    Character page
  • language skills have been added
  • all new characters will begin with 3xp in their native language (currently only common)
  • all existing characters were given 3xp in the common tongue
  • you may now set combat frequency, for how often the character will participate in attacks
  • added CR (combat rating) for all available weapons
  • anything owned is now listed in the inventory at the bottom of the page
    Battle page
  • added CR (combat rating) for all participants

6/6/2020 Recent updates include::
    Main page
  • added hunger and starvation -- everyone must create or find food!
  • total and unallocated character xp is now listed on the main page
  • sortable columns on character table
  • moon phases and their effects on spellcasting have been added
  • hover over any word with a (*) for more info
  • create food prayer added (creation domain)
  • 5 spells for food added (from easiest to hardest: plant, animal, summoning, crafting, spirit)
  • survival skill checks for food will be made daily by hungry people
  • death by starvation was implemented. make sure your people are fed!
    Character page
  • survival skill added
  • "what i did today text" at the bottom of every character to monitor their activity
    Battle page
  • move/evade and move/attack buttons were added for easier control
  • clarified instructions and current orders
  • different races now have different base movement rates
  • known bug: sometimes orders are not saved. keep submitting them, eventually it works.

5/30/2020 Recent updates include::
    Main page
  • Added world age, and require all battles to end each month before proceeding
  • Show age, race, gender of your characters
  • Reorganized the display a bit for better readability
    Character page
  • Removed debug info and improved UI
    Battle page
  • Blue outline around active character
  • clear action button added (for when you are in position, to enable attacking)
  • Added some text with basic instructions
  • Two new images for humans
  • Moving out of ZOC is now possible
  • Acrobatics will affect AC even at skill 0
  • Fixed: enemy escape prevention rolls below zero display bug

5/20/2020 Happy 2020! I have started work on a different game, which you can reach by creating a "new" account and using the "new" login button with it. It is extremely rudimentary right now, but it works, to the extent that you can claim characters, earn and spend xp to improve them, and with basic control over their combat. Documentation is thin to none, but if you're lucky you can catch me on chat in a battle with questions or comments. Expect significant improvements every week for a while. This week, for example, I did the following:
  • Increased the number of races from 1 (only human) to 10, each with numerous custom traits
  • Defined 40 factions with unique racial and population breakdowns
  • Changed battles sizes to be a little more random to give smaller factions occasional opportunities to bring more combatants than larger ones to give them more of a chance
  • Reworked the character sheet to remove a lot of useless debug controls and fit it onto one screen a bit better
  • Restricted changing gods if assigned via background xp
  • Added a personalized ranking for each faction to see how you stack up to other players
  • Marked characters with unspent xp with a bold + on the xp column on the main page
  • Added the ability to retreat from battle by moving off the edge
  • Added a running skill which increases movement rate a bit and is primarily used for fleeing combat
  • Maintain focus on the battle chat box so typing text and sending with enter will always work
  • Added an activate button in battle for swapping between multiple claimed characters when applicable
  • Display which faction each combatant is part of
  • Reduce battle survival XP awards by 50% for people who fled
  • Added the possibility of critical success/fail on skill checks

  • 3/26/2018 Monster immunities were not always working for certain attack types, and this has been fixed. The most common example was probably undead being poisoned despite innate poison immunity.

    Sonic spells have been revised slightly and will now cost more spell points to cast.

    3/17/2018 It has been a while, but here are some updates. Most of these came in months ago, but were never mentioned here.

    First the normal stuff. More items, re-calibrated monster levels and rewards, new techniques, and new character icons have all been added.

    The store no longer carries few and several ammo items (except thrown weapons, you can still buy several of them). This cleans up the list a bit, finding it easy to find the full sets of ammo you want.

    Combat values (cv) have been revised yet again, and this is probably the final round for a while. All the monsters really look pretty good where they are here as far as difficulty and xp. Notably poison, fear, and disease effects are not treated as seriously as before, so you might see those types of monsters a little lower level than before.

    Disease was considered less serious with the addition of the cure disease spell. It requires necromancy: 3 and life: 1 to cast.

    Speaking of monsters, two more things. First, skeletal minions are quite a bit tougher than they used to be, I imagine you've noticed. Second, monsters will be more reluctant to choose high-effort techniques which might help a little with their tendency to over-fatigue themselves.

    Character generation randomness was improved. There was a while when you got almost identical characters a lot. No more.While on the subject of characters, the first humanoid characters are now available. They are horrible, and in the game more as a demonstration of what will be possible in the future. So expect to see a kobold join you from time to time instead of a more useful person. Kobolds currently only have one class choice, the wimp class. Wimp is a new class currently only available to kobolds. Kobold wimps are terrible at pretty much everything, but they do occasionally have access to basic magic. You might be wise to kill them off when they arrive, since adversaries are calculated based on the levels and numbers of your party and kobold wimps will certainly drive down the total party cv while the game engine will not consider that the average cv's are lower now. In other words, they will make it tougher to succeed. But if you want a true mythic challenge, see if you can get the most powerful kobold character! We should start a forum thread where people can post the cv of their best kobold wimps.

    Moving on ... the world map. All characters now exist in a particular spot on the world map. You can drill down and find them if you like, using the checkbox to show people which will list all characters in the selected region. This is a meaningless and cumbersome process with no in-game relevance at all. You probably noticed that people set up campsites too. Still meaningless. However it will soon be theoretically possible to start leaving items at campsites, move around the map, pick up other items, and ultimately fight against your other characters if they don't like each other. Maybe your humans will soon kill off those pesky kobolds for you!

    Racial skills. They are a thing now. There just aren't any yet besides weapons: claw which some of the kobolds will unlock. But this opens the door to customizing races beyond certain class access. Again, more of a demonstration than anything meaningful yet, but hopefully I will add more racial skills soon. For instance, all dwarves should probably have a chance of unlocking resist poison each level, not just the classes dwarven grunt and dwarven wizard.

    Finally, the unarmed damage skill has changed. It should be transparent to existing characters, but it will have a slightly different display on the item rollover text and in your character page damage breakdown. Functionally identical though, but applicable to all natural weaponry items. This matters because every race will have a unique natural weaponry item going forward. Previously existing races all share a basic fist but the new kobolds come with claws instead.

    5/31/2017 Minor tweaks and content additions:

    Dozens of new character pictures have been added. Most of the old goofy ones are gone now, replaced with higher quality images.

    Many new items have been added across several categories.

    More improvements have been made to area effect casting logic. Characters and monsters will do a much better job identifying where to cast their spells for maximum effect. Checking the be careful box will go a long way to reducing friendly damage if that is a concern.

    Breath weapons now share many of the same functions as area effect spells. Thus, expect dragons (and others) to choose better targets for their breath weapon attacks. Unfortunately for the dragons, they are no longer able to do breath weapon attacks while stunned.

    Finally, friendly fire accidents for missile attacks (and to an extent, attack spells) have been reduced again. Specifically, three things can really bring down your chances of hitting a teammate. High dexterity and high intelligence are the most important factors, and high weapon skill can play a substantial role as well.

    5/6/2017 Minor updates: several undead have been shifted upward into high level adventures due to relative difficulty. Additionally another round of CV optimization has been completed to try to accurately measure monster difficulty. Most notably, primary spellcasters have had another large increase in CV which will be seen in player characters as well after their next adventure forces a recalculation.

    Area effect spells are now much more usable. Each caster, at the moment of casting, will determine the best target. He/she will consider friendly damage, number of enemies hit, and even enemy resistances. If the "be careful" box is checked, extra attention will be done to minimizing friendly damage, but keep in mind sometimes there are no viable targets that keep friendly damage at zero. While these powerful spells are much more usable now, caution is still advised.

    Some new techniques have been added including very useful ones for the few characters with just the right skill combiniations. New items have been added as well in several categories. Finally, the loot list will now group like items for easier management.

    3/31/2017 Another round of combat value (CV) calculation changes has come, and it will not be the last one. Siginificant weighting changes to special attacks and spell use will result in another shuffling of monster levels and numbers encountered. Demons have become generally lower level, while spellcasters will be even higher.

    Monsters are less likely to choose desperate and other high-effort techniques.

    Some change to fleeing. First, the fear check forumla was revised to weigh willpower more. Lower wil characters will flee more often than before, while high wil people will flee even less. Fleeing people will no longer use an exit unless an enemy is in line of sight (LOS). Without LOS they will just hide in the exit square until the fear wear off (or an enemy appears). Additionally, a bug was fixed that had resulted in some high-speed people fleeing through an exit multiple times in a single turn and suffering multiple xp losses.

    The odds of a new person arriving on your world during a daychange has been doubled, making it easier to grow your world well beyond 100 people.

    Many new items have been added. Some are expensive (such as fire arrows) while others are cheap (such as several new and relatively powerful two handed clubs). Two handed clubs have in many clases been renamed battle clubs.

    3/5/2017 Yet another skill has beed added: battle formations. Training in this skill will reduce your required combat space by 10% per skill level by learning to fight side-by-side with allies. It also gives a defense bonus of 2% per level.

    Breath weapons have been debugged, so they will now do full damage. Poison breath has been scaled appropriately to reflect the lingering effects of poison. Breath weapons are almost certainly too powerful right now, so if you see dragons or other creatures with breath weapons, be extremely careful if you engage them.

    A bug has been fixed regarding archers who were not unlocking new skills when leveling up.

    Some minor changes have been made restricting certain races from choosing certain classes, and with the formula governing class selection.

    Small spooks and greater zombies have both had their combat levels increased, meaning they will be encountered in smaller numbers and usually on more difficult adventures than before.

    2/18/2017 Another new skill has been added called running which, obviously, makes your movement rate improve. It also provides a lot of synergies for other primary physical skills so it will be worth studying for some characters even though the movement rate increase is very small.

    Moverate magic items have been changed. They no longer provide an absolute +1 mp per level. They now merely increase your mp by 10% per level. Usually this is less powerful effectively reducing utility of moverate items.

    Many items have been added which boost the sherpa skill to increase carrying capacity.

    When you lose your entire party, there is now a message about it so you're not left simply wondering why you're back on the clan page.

    2/11/2017 Another new skill, sherpa, has been added. The sherpa skill reduces the penalties to movement and combat values when carrying heavy loads.

    Undead are no longer affected by paralysis.

    2/3/2017 A new skill has been added: resist fear. This skill can be unlocked by leveling up certain classes, or through relevant skill training.

    A lot of cleaning up various text and buttons has been done. For instance, the tank button will no longer appear in the action window for characters with level 0 in the tank skill. The time passes text explaining new character arrivals or sacrifices to open adventure portals has been shortened and clarified. Other corrections have been made on various screens as they've been found wanting.

    The adventure help button has been moved, enhanced, and has a lot of new information behind it. Hopefully newer players will have an easier time learning the ropes now. The exit button was moved to make room for this, and will now appear just below the continue button.

    People have been given the ability to drink many additional types of potions when they feel it is appropriate. This feature is still undergoing testing and may see more changes in the near future.

    1/30/2017 The leadership skill of each group leader will now help all group members by adding +1 per skill level to attack, defense, and speed.

    The amount of attacks that hit the wrong target by accident has been reduced. A lot. Longer reach weapons will still miss more often than shorter reach weapons. Spell misses will only be about a third what they used to be, and even missile weapons will miss much less often.

    Speaking of missile weapons, a person will almost never attempt to shoot into his/her own square anymore unless there are no other viable targets present.

    Spooks have seen a level increase, while large spooks have seen two level increases. This will result in significantly smaller monster groups. Restless bones were also given a level increase and will now be comparatively rare, although a few more of them will be carrying weapons now.

    New items have been added and some potions were rebalanced and repriced.

    1/24/2017 It is now possible to drink potions while adventuring even if you have negative speed or would otherwise lose your action. In fact, sometimes people who were not going to get to act due to low speed and high fatigue will choose to drink potions with the stamina effect without any input from players. Likewise, they may drink potions such as xp potions when not in combat simply because they feel like it is a smart thing to do.

    1/20/2017 The CV calculation has been changed again. This will not be the final version. Do not be surprised if you see lower combat values on your people.

    The concept of energy and energy points has been entirely removed from the game. Monster that used to rely on EP now have various other skills and abilities with (usually) similar effects. Some have gotten more dangerous (hello, Spooks) and some less so (looking at you, acid vines).

    Your main page now shows how long it has been since you completed a successful adventure. This is only meaningful if it exceeds 30 days, at which point characters may start to wander off.

    Kobold wizards are going to be a lot more common for a while, to collect extra information on magic and CV. Sorry, low level guys. At least the loot is good!

    A bug was fixed that was applying fatigue to all members of a group incorrectly after certain merge or reaction move events. Some situations, such as merging groups during the move phase, will now apply fatigue immediately instead of at the end of the round.

    A bug with the fear effect has been fixed. Characters were remaining afraid one turn longer than they should have been, even after the F1 flag was removed from their effects list.

    Fixed an issue with the selected group not always aligning with the displayed group. This would occasionally lead to disaster when a player would move the wrong group accidentally.

    Mythic Warfare is a new fantasy adventure game for veteran MMORPG gamers, combining real-time and turn-based elements. Join this persistent and expanding world to control the destiny of your characters. Death lurks at every turn and success will not be easy in this unforgiving realm of monsters and magic. See if you have what it takes to become a mythic warrior!