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Recent updates

7/29/2015 Significant changes to fatigue have been made. First the good news: attacks that miss only create a fatigue check 25% of the time now, as opposed to 50% of the time. This is probably the most significant change made, as it means swarms of weak monsters attacking but missing many times will only build your fatigue scores half as quickly (less, effectively, as some fatigue dissipates each turn). Also, weapon techniques with higher effort scores will no longer carry such a big fatigue penalty as that fatigue premium has also been halved. Finally, a boost to every single fatigue check is given, effectively giving all characters endurance at level 1.5.

Next the bad news: fatigue length has been extended by about 33%. So although in most cases you will get less fatigue, it will last a bit longer. Also, the benefits of endurance have been reduced. Instead of each point granting an effective +3 to constitution during fatigue checks, each point is now equivalent to +2.

Finally, the ugly! Some actions can now generate more than 1 fatigue point at a time. Specifically, getting injured for a significant portion of your hp in a single blow can introduce a lot of fatigue. And spellcasting can be a huge fatigue source now if you cast spells with very high sp relative to your maximum sp. These effects cut both ways, of course, and will generally hurt the monsters much more than your characters since every monster loses all their hp/sp during a fight while characters rarely do.

7/28/2015 Fixed a bug that was preventing daychanges on standard (non-clanworld) accounts. Please report problems like these in the forums so that I will know of them!

Added new techniques for knife class weapons and a few more for monsters with teeth.

Added new items, primarily new types of ammo for sling weapons.

Updated a few monsters, adjusting treasure, xp, and skills to be more balanced.

Widened (very slightly) the range of encounter sizes at a given adventure level. You will now occassionally get encounters that seem unusually small, or unusually large.

7/21/2015 When a person dies on a clan world adventure and becomes a god, their initial power is set to their current money. This can be somewhat of a big deal, if you are very rich.

The minimum attribute of any character generated on or for clan worlds is now 1. No more strength -2 losers running around!

A new program was added that generates complete characters, with some skill points already spent as they are auto-leveled up. This is accessed frequently behind-the-scenes on the clan world as your new characters there will come with xp already generated and a class already selected. Essentially, you lose a little flexibility in character generation on-world in exchange for potentially more powerful characters.

Mythic City character recruitment is now capped at the 8gp level. For better characters, you have to move to clan world mode (see below). All clan-world mode characters awarded during daychanges will be free, made with the new program, and with attributes as good as or better than an 8gp recruit.

And here is a significant update:

There are now two distinct game modes. The first is the one we all know and love. This mode no longer has access to clan worlds. In fact, all players have been reverted to this mode. All clan worlds have been deleted. All gold spent on the creation and expansion of the clan worlds has been refunded. All people have been returned to Mythic City. All world/zone/location data has been erased. Nothing has changed at all in default mode.

The new mode is that of clan world players. For 100 gold you can "graduate" to the advanced mode of play by creating a clan world. When you do this, there is no returning. All your people will be moved to your world, never to return to Mythic City. You lose some control over them, such as the ability to adventure in player-defined groups. Death is going to be A LOT more common on the clan world adventures.

On the clan worlds you get better character recruits, including some that begin with experience and higher levels. You also can start building your pantheon of gods, since good characters who die in this mode will become gods. Much of the future development on Mythic Warfare will involve the clan worlds. They will get more complex, with new rewards and new ways to die.

Basically, if you switch now, you will lose the ability to define parties, and lose the ability to decide who adventures each day, but you will gain better characters each daychange and access to new features as they are developed.

7/18/2015 The adventure screen layout has been altered to try to make better use of screen space. Feedback is welcome.

7/13/2015 Here is a fairly routine update:

A handful of new items were added, but in the way that things snowball, it isn't that easy. Among the new cloaks are 3 winter wolf cloaks that skilled leather crafters may create from corpses. This led to a review of winter wolves and the creation of a few new techniques for weapons: claw creatures. Although they became more dangerous (and lucrative), winter wolves had a significant XP reduction as they were over-valued and they will be seen in slightly higher numbers and slightly lower adventure levels going forward.

Other new items include some slings. Again, this led me astray. Filling in a gap at the cheap end of the spectrum is the kobold sling which, as you might guess, is pretty cheap and ineffective. However that led to a comprehensive review of kobolds. Many things changed. First, regular kobolds now have a different weapons loadout with less ranged weapons, less valueable weapons, and in fact just plain less weapons! Despite now having higher chances of kobold branded gear, most equipment chances were reduced to bring their loot value closer to norms. Hit points were reduced. But a few rudimentary weapon skills were added on their most common weapons. All in all they are slightly weaker. Kobold wizards also got a (small) hp hit, similar gear reductions and edits, and in place of simple weapon skills they got a few more very low-end spell options. Finally, a new kobold type was created called the kobold slinger. These are slightly bigger, but slightly dumber, and generally more focused on their slings. Most will have ranged attacks and they will normally be found with a compliment of regular kobolds with, perhaps, a few rats or wizards mixed in. Although they are fairly rare right now, once I get good data on their effectiveness I will adjust their level placement and ramp up their visibility. Best of all, all three kobolds have fancy new icons!

A dozen or so new techniques for characters were added too, primarily in the sword and flail families.

There was a slight AI tweak which should help the monsters a bit: they will be a little more liberal with spell point use early in an encounter instead of waiting until they are decimated before deciding to commit all their SP.

Finally, a couple of small bug fixes. When you are hit with a fatigue-generating cold effect, same-turn spell casting failure rates will only increase slightly instead of the crippling increases of the past. And a rare daychange page crash upon new god selection was found and fixed.

6/10/2015 All spells have now been converted into the new magic system. There were only a handful that had been left behind, and these were updated or removed. Additionally, several new spells were added. All told, 35 more spells are now in the updated magic system. Perhaps 20 existing spells also had their SP altered for balance.

About 30 Weapon techniques have been added as well. Most of these are weapon-specific in the polearm and crossbow skills but 9 are "generic" in that they can be used with any class of weapon. While not as powerful as many of the dedicated techniques, they nonetheless offer some effective options for people with the right prerequisites.

As with any update, a handful of items have been added to the game, speficically there are a few new staves, boots, and cloaks of various values. And of course, adjustments were made to some of the less accurate monsters as far as XP and treasure given and the numbers and levels at which they are encountered. These adjustments are part of an endless review process in an effort to keep things balanced.

Finally, there have been some significant changes to the clan worlds. Read the update in the forums for details.

6/2/2015 The DNS change has been delayed 1 day. The downtime will begin tomorrow. Write down the IP address below if you want to play during the bulk of the downtime. Again, it will be offline entirely for a few hours at least, then accessible via IP address only for a couple of days.

6/1/2015 Our ISP is changing IP blocks tomorrow. There will be a service disruption, and Mythic Warfare may be offline for a day or two while new DNS addresses propagate through the internet. Hopefully any downtime will be brief. While "" is not working, once the switch happens you should be able to use our new IP address of

5/29/2015 The cost to move between Mythic City and your clan world has been removed. Transit is (for now) free and unrestricted. Characters on the clan world have no daily expenses. However, you lose the ability to form specific parties on the clan world, and all adventures there are random. Furthermore, people on the clan world are far more independent. They will, for example, decide to go adventuring on their own if they are ambitious enough. Depending on their charisma, leadership, and maybe a dozen other factors, their friends will go with them.

Clan world development will continue to be more "hands-off" than traditional personnel management and may ultimately evolve into a very different type of game. One other recent change to clan worlds is that people with over 1000xp who die there may become mythic figures who will become revered by those who yet live.

12/1/2013 The Mythic Warfare membership system is being suspended for a while, perhaps forever. All characters will now receive double skill points, including adventure awards and when gaining levels. Happy Holidays!

9/3/2013 A few minor updates. First, more techniques are being updated and added, as you may have noticed. Also, characters on auto select for their techniques (and all monsters!) have gotten much better at choosing techniques depending on the situation at hand.

The tavern page has been updated to use the same page header and color scheme as the rest of the game. Part of this update was to add the additional chat channels available on the adventure screen. You will now see private messages or adventure-specific messages in the appropriate colors even while in the tavern.

A $5 membership option has been added. This option is a one-month limited membership. Only characters level 1-3 will get the double skill point bonuses. This is a great option for newer players to get the benefits of membership without needing to commit to a full 3 months or more of play.

8/14/2013 Another new equipment set has been added, the Guardsman set, consisting of spear, shield, and helmet. Most of the set bonuses focus on extra tanking and things that are useful for tanks (willpower, toughness, etc.).

Now that all equipment is up to the new standards, I am focusing on techniques. They will all be updated with many additions. Please read the new forum post about techniques. In short, every weapon class will have 6 standard techniques and many combo techniques (requiring 2+ skills).

A few new technique effects have been added, which should be self-explanatory by the time you discover them. As always, available techniques and details are shown on the character page.

New rules have been implemented regarding the breakdown of weapon damage into three categories: blunt, slash, and pierce. You might see your d20 fighter only showing d5 for example in the combat results text when attacking a skeleton with a spear. The concept hasn't really changed, just the implementation. If anything, damage should be up slightly across most weapon types when fighting monsters with some resistances. Some techniques will dictate damage types, as listed under their effects.

A new decapitates word has been added to combat, when you score a killing shot to the head with a slashing weapon doing high enough damage. This is just for fun, and was added to help identify if the new .headshot:NN. effect keywords are working correctly, which they are. Weapons, effects, or techniques that have the headshot ability are more likely to target the head of an opponent.

8/6/2013 Potions have undergone a major update. Most notably, any effect with a duration (as opposed to an immediate effect like healing) will last 360 turns, which is twice as long as the previous duration. Some potions, such as the various blood potions, have a duration:/10 effect listed and these will only last 36 turns. The intent is that most potions can be drunk at the beginning of a challenging adventure and last throughout, while the blood potions are generally useful only for a single key encounter. Potion durability has in most cases been somewhat reduced, and costs have generally been decreased as well.

Several minor fixes have been put in as well. Inconsistencies in the attack and damage breakdown on character page have been corrected to properly account for strength-altering items and effects. Likewise, bonus HP due to increased constitution had been improperly displayed on the character page. These things have always been correct on the adventure screen, and remain so. Finally, more frequent updates to player combat value scores on the people page will keep it more accurate.

8/2/2013A new equipment set has been added, far more powerful than earlier examples. It is the Blacksmiths set and consists of five items: gloves, belt, hammer, ring, and arm bands. They can be found as treasure items, or bought from the store for prices initially ranging from approximately 14000 to 30000 per item. Unlike previous sets, the hidden benefits for each additional item worn beyond the first are excellent, with the best bonuses received when wearing the most items. All future sets will follow this model, where multiple items worn will unluck greatly enhanced effects, particularly when the full set is worn.

With the completed conversion of belts, as well as all thrown items (axe, knife, and spear classes), every equippable item has been updated to the new system. Prices and effects have been adjusted for these final items as appropriate.

6/18/2013 A new skill has been added, concentration. Concentration is a relatively cheap skill that is easily unlocked through a variety of mechanisms. Each level of concentration reduces the spell failure rate by 5%. For example, if you have a 13% chance of failing to cast a spell, with 2 levels of concentration you will have just a 3% chance of failing.

Items that grant concentration bonuses will work even if you do not have the underlying skill. The tank skill has been swapped into this categoty as well (thank you for bringing this to my attention, Silverlode).

Sling ammo has been updated. It is extremely cheap (relative to arrows or bolts) but very heavy if you carry a lot of it. Speaking of slings, their range and damage curve have been greatly extended. In fact, most missile weapons will now retain a larger fraction of their damage as range increases. The accuracy of most missile weapons has been adjusted as well, retaining greater accuracy at longer ranges.

However, a bug was found where the -25% "range zero" penalty for using missile weapons in the same square as your target was not being applied. This has been fixed, and your missile weapons will be much less accurate at range zero. If you see monsters using missile weapons against you, consider charging to range 0 to minimize their effectiveness.

The "killdemon" and "killundead" magic item effects were not working in certain cases. This has been corrected and they all use the same system now and work as intended.

Leg armor has been updated. As with other armor locations, they are generally less cumbersome and cheaper than before, but with lower durability and defense.

6/10/2013Sling have been updated to the new system (ammo has not yet been updated). Gloves have also been updated.

Two things were debugged and now work as intended. The resist poison spell will now only confer resistance and will not also poison the target, and the shield 4 potion will now increase defense by 20 points, instead of just 2.

New weapon techniques have been added for every weapon skill. Some require relatively high skill levels, and some require other skills to unlock such as attack speed or critical attack. As more techniques get added, more will be highly specialized requiring periferal skills.

The heavy armor skill has been changed. It will now give a character +1 attack, +1 defense, and +2 speed per skill level. The reasoning is that a character who trains in armor will learn when he can ignore certain incoming attacks, thus allowing him to focus on attacking more quickly and accurately and defending against more relevant threats. These bonuses are dependent upon wearing enough armor, and lightly armored characters may not receive the full bonus.

6/3/2013 All helmets have now been updated and re-priced. Crossbows and bolts have been completed as well.

The wall of stone spell will now work on stairs when cast in the up/down directions. There will be no indication on the map, so be sure to remember where you put them.

4/9/2013 Torso armor has been updated, many types changing drastically in attributes. Crossbows have been updated as well (though bolts are not fully converted yet).

New preliminary CV (combat value) calculations are now visible when you view an individual character page. To update all characters on your people page, each must be viewed once individually. Remember that CV is an approximation and you may find that, depending on your party and the adventure levels you choose, certain equipment/technique combinations outperform those with a higher CV.

3/28/2013 Magical cloaks and bracelets have been updated, and the first armor locations (feet, neck) have been updated as well. Some of the armor changes will be large. For the most part, armor will be far cheaper than before, while being slightly heavier and much less durable.

3/20/2013 Bows and arrows have been updated, along with magic necklaces.

New techniques have been added, including a fairly standardized intermediate weapon technique available at skill level 5 of any weapon specialization.

Recently slain mythic warriors

Foiwei (large spider) of Frostburn, a level 1 yeoman killed by a restless bones.
Flie (large spider) of Frostburn, a level 1 yeoman killed by a giant rat.
Pebthe (large spider) of Frostburn, a level 1 yeoman killed by a giant rat.
Armoji (large spider) of Frostburn, a level 1 yeoman killed by a gnome.
Joerer (large spider) of Frostburn, a level 1 yeoman killed by a bandit wizard.
Pinea (large spider) of Frostburn, a level 1 yeoman killed by a kobold.
Drea (giant rat) of Frostburn, a level 1 grunt killed by a gnome.
Mythic Warfare is a new fantasy adventure game focusing on extremely challenging gameplay for dedicated gamers. Create a clan and develop your characters to gain fame, fortune, and power. Death lurks at every turn and success will not be easy in this unforgiving world of monsters and magic. See if you have what it takes to become a mythic warrior!