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Recent updates

1/20/2017 The CV calculation has been changed again. This will not be the final version. Do not be surprised if you see lower combat values on your people.

The concept of energy and energy points has been entirely removed from the game. Monster that used to rely on EP now have various other skills and abilities with (usually) similar effects. Some have gotten more dangerous (hello, Spooks) and some less so (looking at you, acid vines).

Your main page now shows how long it has been since you completed a successful adventure. This is only meaningful if it exceeds 30 days, at which point characters may start to wander off.

Kobold wizards are going to be a lot more common for a while, to collect extra information on magic and CV. Sorry, low level guys. At least the loot is good!

A bug was fixed that was applying fatigue to all members of a group incorrectly after certain merge or reaction move events. Some situations, such as merging groups during the move phase, will now apply fatigue immediately instead of at the end of the round.

A bug with the fear effect has been fixed. Characters were remaining afraid one turn longer than they should have been, even after the F1 flag was removed from their effects list.

Fixed an issue with the selected group not always aligning with the displayed group. This would occasionally lead to disaster when a player would move the wrong group accidentally.

1/17/2017 Equipped magic items that increase charisma will now help when calculating the money you get from selling items in the shop, including auto-selling of cheap items.

Likewise, items that increase intelligence, if equipped, will be considered when calculating the number of skill points gained from adventures.

Kobolds and kobold slingers have been updated. Although they have different equipment and stats (slingers have more hp but less size/strength than normal kobolds) they are now both level 1 monsters and will very often be found in mixed groups. They will also now carry slightly less valueable equipment.

Two bugs were fixed. One was yet another source of disappearing groups, having to do with auto-ungroup during flee actions. The other was causing the game to lag and sometimes time out during flee calculations.

1/15/2017 Breath weapons have been changed. They no longer use energy (which is being phased out) but instead generate high fatigue. The acid attack of acid vines has also been changed from a missile attack to a melee attack.

When shopping, instead of showing the minimum strength required, which was only meaningful for weapons, the shop table will display the weight of the item which is usually more important. All data can still be seen by hovering the cursor over the item name.

When you select a group in combat, it will display the CV of all group members.

Some new items, icons, and techniques have been added.

The first update of a monster type has been made based on the new CV data. Demon rats are far more dangerous than their previous level would indicate. They will now generally be found only on harder adventures. They will also carry more valuable treasure.

1/9/2017 The rankings page has been (somewhat) updated to the same format as the rest of the game, and it is now using correct figures for the power top 100 list. Your clan power is simply the combined combat value of all characters.

Two bugs were fixed. One was preventing intelligent monsters from remembering where you were last seen when the monsters move first. The second was causing monsters to disappear from adventures when combat-moving to form a new group in a square with existing non-party objects (i.e. stairs, exits, etc).

1/8/2017 The space for character and monster picture has been enlarged. Future picture additions can now be higher quality. Prior to this, a few more pics were added.

A major change to XP and CV (combat value) has been completed. All monster history data was deleted which has reset beastiary info. CV data has not been cleared, but each time a character goes on an adventure, his or her CV is recalculated every turn. Because CV is now an adventure-only calculation you can no longer view CV changes at home or while equipping. On character pages, the CV value listed is the maximum CV value recorded from the most recent adventure.

XP awarded for killing monsters is now individualized and is equal to the actual CV of the creature killed. Thus not all orcs (for example) will be worth the same amount.

Better logging has been implemented. Going forward, it will be possible to view accurate average CV and treasure values (among other things) for every monster class you have encountered. This will also make it much easier to balance monster power vs treasure awarded vs adventure difficulty. Ultimately this will lead to more fairness in encounters -- some monsters are surely too weak or too powerful for the point in the game at which they are most commonly found.

1/2/2017 Fixed a bug that was causing monsters to disappear.

Fixed a bug that was improperly removing groups after a split.

Wells have become more magical, and more beneficial. Now more than one third of all wells have helpful magical effects, while only one in ten will have harmful effects.

Demons have been changed, significantly. They no longer have the gate ability. It has been replaced, in some instances, with skills in magic: summoning and magic: demon. Thus, some demons can still summon backup, but by using the same rules as other summoners. Demons that can summon are all types of: white, grey, red, stygian, and of course fiends. All demons not named have lost their ability to summon. This extends to summoned creatures, so there can still be a little bit of a chain reaction if the summoned demons happen to be of a type that can summon more even demons. But this will no longer be as dangerous, as summoned creatures follow stricter limitations regarding their power. This also, of course, applies to player-summoned demons, making demon summoning very likely the most powerful type of summoning magic available.

12/27/2016 Fixed a bug where people were still trying to move toward an exit, even after fear expired.

12/27/2016 Inactive accounts will very slowly be wound down. If you haven't completed any adventures in the past month, there will be a very small chance that characters will start defecting to more active worlds. This chance grows after three months, and again after one year. The effect is very small, but it is an extra reward for active worlds, as these migrating characters might stumble into your own realm and find a new home there!

12/24/2016 Fear has been changed. Fear spells will generally be much more effective, undead are now immune to fear, and certain scary monsters have a fear aura which has been heavily modified. Fear auras can be devastating. Like all fear effects, resistance is based on the willpower and fear resistance as well as character level. Fear auras are further resisted by group size (safety in numbers) as well as monster group size (10 spooks are scarier than 1 spook -- but not nearly 10x as scary).

Spooks and shadows have lost their energy-based spook ability which has been replaced by mind-magic use and fear auras.

More character icons were added, and several new items were added to both the market and treasure drops.

12/6/2016 A few character icons have been added and/or upgraded.

Fixed a bug where monster groups were not being labeled with the correct name.

You can now exit an adventure even if you are engaged in combat if you are in the exit square.

A defend action has been added. Characters on defend will not attack, gain a +5 defense bonus, and will not be able to be pushed off their square due to reaction moves.

Speaking of reaction moves, people will tend to stay in their current square more often now, unless the overstacking penalties are very large.

Fear effects have been changed. Afraid characters will no longer magically flee the adventure. Instead they will run toward a safe location where they will hide until the fear wears off.

12/4/2016 Summoning magic has been revised: SP costs have been reduced, but the creatures summoned will no longer stay forever. They have the standard spell duration of 360 turns.

Messages for certain movement events have been added.

A new route-finding function has been written to help groups find their way from here to there. The biggest consequence (currently) is that monsters -- except the dumbest ones -- will tend to remember where you were last seen and move to that location. This is both good (set ambushes) and bad (harder to extract from bad situations). Usually this will be a "low priority" move, but sometimes they will charge right at you, even moving into and through other monster groups to get to you. The bulk of the benefit from this function will come later with player-set waypoints or "follow" commands, and with fleeing.

The number of adventures without a green exit in your starting square has been increased from 25% to 30%.

11/30/2016 A few potion effects and attributes have been altered, and a few have been added. A new potion effect of size has been introduced. Potions with sizes greater than one have a chance of being reusable.

Some new low-end items and weapons have been added.

Fixed a bug that was preventing monsters from using special attacks, while migrating those attacks into the new system that will one day enable the option of having monsters as characters.

11/22/2016 A rest button has been added to adventures. This will run up to 10 turns at once, or until interrupted by anything happening.

11/21/2016 Monsters are now able to ungroup, and regroup, in order to get closer to combat in their LOS

Items with fraction durability now show correct values instead of zero.

Several new low-end items have been added.

If you have very few people, they will adventure more often. This helps new players get to the adventures right away.

Fatigue is now displayed more prominently on adventures, and warning messages are given when people are tiring too quickly due to excessive movement.

11/15/2016 Fixed a bug preventing reaction moves from going down stairs.

Fixed a bug where merging groups was setting everyone to "attack."

Fixed a bug where mixed monster groups were sometimes showing the incorrect icon.

Monster groups will be more likely to move toward a visible target than before.

Monsters who can't get to their targets will now consider leaving their group.

11/14/2016 There are a lot of changes today. There are probably a few new bugs that have been introduced as well, and some imbalances that will need correcting over the next weeks of play-testing. Some features may render aspects of the game unplayable or annoying, and I will strive to smooth things out and get everything working well as soon as possible. Here is a quick list of the most significant updates today.

The idea of encounters has been removed. Instead you will see a counter for kills, and final adventure bonuses will be scaled to how many of the total enemies were killed instead of the percentage of encounters completed.

You will no longer gain bonus xp for killing everything, and you will no longer lose a portion of the xp for not killing everything.

The combat space concept has been implemented. Each group will display number of characters and combat space right on the map, and the group info table will show the individual breakdown of how much space is needed vs used, along with the penalties incurred for those without adequate space.

You can see the group info table by selecting a new group or clicking the central "refresh" movement icon (keyboard shortcut = number pad "5"). This will show reach, movement, and space in addition to penalties.

There are no more group size limitations. Put as many people as you like into one group. Of course, they won't fight well if it is too crowded. All adventures will now start as a single group. Great for friendly area-effect buffs!

You may no longer move to range 0 during the movement phase. The only way to get to 0 is through reaction movement, or deliberate ungroup actions.

Weapon types no longer have any attack modifiers based on weapon class. These have been replaced by the more complex and realistic system of reach and combat space. Missile weapons still have range modifiers for range beyond 1.

You may no longer attack diagonally, except of course with missile weapons.

Characters set to attack will move during combat 1 square each turn on their own in order to maximize their attack and defense scores. THIS IS A MAJOR CHANGE that has far-reaching implications. Much of what you think of as "proper" combat tactics will have to be re-examined. Combat will take more turns now, and spread over larger areas.

There are 4 different levels of movement now. You should never move more than 1 square per turn unless you have a good understanding of how the mechanics work and have a reason for doing so. Just because you can sprint all-out for 8 squares 5 turns in a row doesn't mean you should -- and your fatigue levels will break you of that habit pretty quickly.

Speaking of fatigue, it has gone through some big changes too. It will play a larger role in battle now, and shifting people in and out of long-running encounters to manage fatigue might be wise.

Monster groups will never more more than 1 square per turn now. This will change soon, but the fatigue was too unpredictable for them to move more at the moment without further logic.

Moving one friendly group into a square occupied by another friendly group will merge the groups. This can only be done if there are no monsters present in either square. Merging groups ends the movement of both groups for the turn.

There is a help file available explaining some of the basics of this stuff. Experienced players should read it to get an idea of what some of these changes mean.

11/13/2016 A tremendous amount of major adventure changes are being implemented. There isn't space to cover them here, so watch for an update in the next day or two linking to a comprehensive help file for explanations.

11/12/2016 Items that give combat skill bonuses now give applicable adjustments to reach and combat space, just as if you knew the skill.

All the new values have been translated correctly into adventures. You can view these on the group data window (click the central spot on the group movement menu). Currently, all the old rules are still in effect, but using the new MP (movement points). So, your groups will -- for now -- be moving much further. Monsters too. This will all be changing rather dramatically in the next week. Stay tuned!

People will often fail to attack their target now. If you are using a missile weapon, you will lose your action about half the time if you are trying to shoot at someone in your same square. If you are using a non-missile weapon, you will lose your attack against opponents with longer reach. The worse your reach deficit, the higher the chance you will lose your attack.

11/11/2016 Added a racial modifier to movement rate, as well as a small random adjustment for all new characters. Some people are just a little bit faster than others!

11/9/2016 There are a few new properties listed on the character page. Hovering over any of them (except height) will show a little bit about how they are derived.

Height is self explanatory.

Reach is the distance at which you can strike an enemy from any given location. Coming soon, the combatant with shorter reach may miss actions fighting an opponent with significantly longer reach.

Movement rate has been completely reworked, and in fact is still under construction. This value is NOT the one used on adventures, and should be ignored until corrected. The new effects of encumberance will, as shown, be much more impactful on movement rates than under current rules.

Combat space is not used yet, but will be a very big deal soon. The smaller the better, as it will determine how many people you can pack into one square before suffering penalties (and how large the penalties will be).

These are all part of a major change to how movement and combat will work. There will be a lot more going into this, and when the project is completed there will be a help file explaining it all. Needless to say, there will be a lot more decisions to make about how to set up each character for best effectiveness in various group sizes.

Recently slain mythic warriors

Tronte of WarWorld, a level 2 fighter killed by a small spook.
Solid Grunt of Glaive, a level 2 grunt killed by a vampire bat.
Fajoce killer of WarWorld, a level 1 dwarven grunt killed by a large spider.
Gifracte of WarWorld, a level 1 wizard killed by a large spider.
Etsi (large hairy spider) of Tarsis, a level 1 yeoman killed by a bandit.
Staioo of Glaive, a level 1 gladiator killed by a giant rat.
Ynnsos (large fuzzy spider) of Glaive, a level 1 yeoman killed by a skeleton.
Toiu (giant rat) of Tarsis, a level 1 grunt killed by a small white demon.
Eakrea (giant rat) of WarWorld, a level 1 grunt killed by a giant rat.
Aeiy (large spider) of Tarsis, a level 1 yeoman killed by a bandit.
Mythic Warfare is a new fantasy adventure game focusing on extremely challenging gameplay for dedicated gamers. Create a clan and develop your characters to gain fame, fortune, and power. Death lurks at every turn and success will not be easy in this unforgiving world of monsters and magic. See if you have what it takes to become a mythic warrior!